How does the CSV upload work for COGS?

What is this setting:

When using the database COGS setting, you can edit the COGS for each order if you choose to do so. But rather than manually updating the COGS of each order. You can upload your COGS for each order with a CSV file. This will give you complete customization ability over your COGS on a per-order basis. 

This option is great if your supplier sends you a spreadsheet with the COGS for each order. 

How to set it up:

1) The database COGS Sync setting must be turned on for this setting to work. This setting can be changed on this page here

2) Uploading your CSV file:

  • Each file must have these two columns. "Order" & "Total". No other columns will be accepted.
  • Download our template file: Click here to download

For example:

Then you can upload your CSV file. 

That's it 🎉

To view your uploaded COGS please visit the "Edited Order" page here

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