How refunds are synced?

The refunds are pulled from Shopify in two scenarios because of how Shopify includes refunds in the order information that is synced. The refunds are included with the original order rather than then being included in a new and separate event.

Scenario #1: 

So with every order sync that is done when Profit Calc is opened, a refund sync is done to check the previous month of orders to see if there were any changes to the refund section of an order. The previous two months are used because this process can take 5-10 minutes. Additionally, the majority of refunds take place in this time frame. 

Scenario #2: 

Five times a day, a longer refund sync is initiated automatically on the backend. The longer refund sync checks the previous 8 months. 

So depending on when the original order took place for the refund that was issued. It might not show up right away. A longer refund sync can be manually initiated on this page here. Using the "Sync refunds" button.

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