💳 How to select your gateway/transaction fees?

In Profit Calc, there are 4 main gateways to set up (Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, and Klarna). There are also additional gateways that are automatically set up already (see bottom of page). 

If you don't use one of the below gateways you can leave the settings as their default. Those fees won't be included in the calculation. 

Shopify Gateway

Below are the typical Shopify fees:

  • Shopify Basic ($29/mo): 2.9% + 30¢
  • Shopify  ($79/mo): 2.6% + 30¢
  • Shopify Advanced ($299/mo): 2.4% + 30¢

You can also determine your Shopify fees by following these steps:

  1. From the Shopify admin, click Settings.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Click on the bill you want to view in the Bills section.
  4. If a bill includes transaction fees, then the Transaction fees section will have links to the associated 5. orders. Click to see the information.
  5. In the panel that opens, you can view the details of the transaction fee for every order covered by this bill.
  6. Click an order to see the full details of a transaction.

Additionally, a Shopify customer service agent can help clarify your fees as they are able to access the backend to your store.


The standard default rate is 2.9% 30 cents per transaction. To determine your fees see the following resource here


The standard default rate is 2.9% 30 cents per transaction. To determine your fees see the following resource here


The standard Klarna fees are 2.99% + 35 cents. But these fees can vary drastically depending on your country and region. The best way to find your Klarna fees would be to check your account plan or speak to a Klarna representative. 

Additional Gateways

The following gateways are synced automatically using the rates provided by each provider.

  • iDeal & iDeal (Mollie) - 0.29
  • KBC & KBC (Mollie) - 0.25 + 0.9%
  • Bancontact & Bancontact (Mollie) - 0.39
  • Belfius & Belfius (Mollie) - 0.25 + 0.9%
  • Sofort Banking (Mollie) - 0.25 + 0.9%
  • Mistercash (Mollie) - 0.39
  • Credit Card (Mollie) - 0.25 + 1.80%
  • Paysera - 2.00%
  • Beanstream - 2.90% + 0.3
  • Quickbooks - 2.80% + .25
  • Zip Own It Now Pay Later 5.00%
  • Payplug - 0.7% + 0.15
  • Clearpay - 6.80%
  • Mercado - 4.99%
  • WorldPay - 2.90% + 0.30

How the gateway calculation works:

For each order in the selected time frame in the analytics sections, Profit Calc will:

1) Read the gateway name from the Shopify order information. (e.g. PayPal)

2) Multiply the order total by the gateway fee saved in Profit Calc + the fixed fee saved + the external gateway fee for the selected gateway. (e.g. 2% + 30 cents per order + 2% external gateway fee).

Both the PayPal and External gateway fees can be changed on the Gateway settings page.

The external gateway fee is an extra fee charged by Shopify on external gateways (not the Shopify payments gateway).

3) Add the calculated transaction fee to the total value for transaction fees

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