How to setup VAT?

1) Select "VAT Settings" from the sidebar on the left. 

2) Select true for either the VAT options which apply. 

  • Revenue VAT: If You Have VAT Included in Your Shopify Item Prices, select true. This will deduct your VAT from your revenue and include the value in the VAT collected card. 
  • COGS VAT(Aliexpress Only): If VAT is paid on the Aliexpress COGS and VAT is included in the order price. Select true.
  • Ad Spend VAT: If VAT is paid on ad spend (Facebook, Google, and Bing ads) select true. 

3) If Revenue VAT is true and your Shopify store does not automatically calculate VAT (shown as taxes collected in Shopify). Enter your VAT percentage. 

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